Howard Schultz: If I Decide to Run ‘a Good Chance that Texas for the First Time Since ‘76 Does Not Go Republican’

‘First of all, that is a false narrative about the me taking and siphoning votes from the Democrats’


SCHULTZ: "Let’s talk about the theory of the case, because I think there’s a pathway to 270. Let’s specifically say this. Over the last 30 plus years, only 8 to 10 states basically decided the presidential election. Those are the battle ground states. Let’s take the state of Texas where I was all of last week. Republicans have owned that state since 1976. If Donald Trump loses Texas, he can’t get to 270 and chances are he does not get re-elected. If Howard Schultz decides to run for president and I enter the race, there is a good chance that Texas for the first time since '76 does not go Republican."

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