Senators Propose Bill To Stop Big Tech Companies’ ‘Spying on Children’

‘This legislation says that the Big Tech companies can’t collect information on our kids’

HAWLEY: "Hey, I've got some big news to share. Today I've introduced a major legislation to protect our kids online and to stop the big tech companies from spying on our children. This legislation says that the big tech companies can't collect information on our kids, can't track our kids, can't target ads at our kids, and can't build profiles on them without explicit consent. It applies to kids up to the age of 15, and there's something else, too. It gives kids and parents the right to delete all of the information and data that these tech companies have collected on children. This is a major first step. I can tell you, as the father of two little boys, I worry a lot about what my kids see online and I worry about what these tech companies are collecting from my children and the profile that they're building on my kids. Well, this legislation will give me and every other parent the right to say no. It's a first step, there's a lot more to do. Watch this space. But I'm proud of this legislation's strong bipartisan support. Stay tuned."

(Via Breibart)

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