Chuck Todd: The Bar Pelosi Set for Impeachment Is ‘Arguably Unattainable in This Political Environment’

‘Pelosi has set a bar for impeachment that is arguably unattainable in this political environment’


TODD: "No ambiguity there. Let's be real here. Pelosi has set a bar for impeachment that is arguably unattainable in this political environment. The response from Democrats has largely been supportive of what she said, even though it seems no one can agree on what she meant. Democrats have been all over the place on this one. Some are saying she meant to rule out impeachment. Others say, no, no, no, she didn’t — she means — it’s too early to talk impeachment. Or, no, no, no, she meant — we have to see the Mueller report first. Republicans also are a bit befuddled. Some are saying she meant progressives are out of control or she meant to exonerate the President, or she meant to call out 2020 Democrats. So, what did she mean? The answer to that question is going to have profound consequences for just about everything, from the results of the Mueller probe, which could be handed to the Justice Department any moment now or last week, to the 2020 campaign. Robert Costa is a Washington Post national political reporter and an MSNBC political analyst. He joins tonight’s panel of MSNBC political contributor, New York Times Washington correspondent Charlie Savage, MSNBC contributor Voto Latino president and CEO, María Teresa Kumar, Republican strategist and ad maker Brad Todd. Robert, let me start with this. Is this a case where Nancy Pelosi can count votes and she's just counting votes and says, hey, there isn't impeachment and there isn’t going to be impeachment because the votes aren’t there."

(h/t Mediaite)

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