Charlamagne Rips Trump on Fox News: Nothing ‘Makes Me Think He Cares About Black and Brown People’

‘I don’t think he would come because I don’t think he cares about our audience’


CHARLAMAGNE: "I don’t think he would come because I don’t think he cares about our audience. There’s nothing about Donald Trump that makes me think he cares about black and brown people."
UNKNOWN 2: "There's a lot of hurtful things he said that have personally offended me.
BREAM: "Yeah. I mean, something he talks about a lot is the low unemployment rate, historically low for African-Americans and for the Hispanic community. It’s something he likes to talk about. If he thought he had a platform with you guys, would he be welcome?"
CHARLAMAGNE: "Yes. He definitely would be welcome. It’s very important to note that started with Barack Obama. It was the policies that Barack Obama implemented that caused the unemployment rate to be so low for African-Americans and Donald Trump is taking credit for it."
BREAM: "You know he loves to joust. He loves to fight. He would love to debate that with you guys. So he might actually come and stick around.
UNKNOWN 2: "Tell him to come on."
UNKNOWN: "I would love for him to come."
UNKNOWN 2: "Even when he gets asked questions at the White House, they will ban you if he doesn’t like your questions."
CHARLAMAGNE: "Yeah, tell him to pull up. We will get him some fast food, some little White Castle sliders that fit his little hands."

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