CNN’s Stelter Defends Hate Mob Attacking Tucker Carlson: Maybe ‘Don’t Be So Hateful’

‘Let’s make the standards higher across the board’

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HAM: “This doesn’t just resonate with a Fox audience. The idea that people are being cowed by political correctness and by this attempt to fire people and take people's scalps when they say something mildly errant, even if this isn’t mildly errant, this is something that resonates with a lot of Americans. This is actually a large part of why Donald Trump was elected, even though I’m not a huge fan and often disagree with Tucker Carlson.”
STELTER: “Let’s just raise the bar for everybody, though. Let's make the standards higher across the board.”
CAMEROTA: “When you have a platform, right? So I think when you are an opinion maker —”
STELTER: “Don’t be so hateful. Is that so much to ask? I don’t know. Maybe it is.”

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