Sarah Sanders on China Trade Talks: The President Won’t Sign a Deal That’s Not in the Best Interest of America

‘The president will make a deal that is in the best interest of America’


REPORTER: "What would you say to the concerns from the Chinese about the President’s an unreliable negotiating partner after the talks with North Korea broke down?"

HUCKABEE SANDERS: "I would say that is absurd. The President will make a deal that is a good deal. He'll make a deal if it's in the best interest of America. And if he doesn’t feel like it’s a good deal, it’s not worth just signing a piece of paper and the president didn’t feel like what was on the table was enough. The President is 100 percent committed to denuclearization of the peninsula and he will make sure that whatever we do furthers that process. We will see what happens with North Korea the same way we're going to see what happens in the negotiations with China. They are ongoing and the President is going to want to make sure whatever deal we get is in our best interest, it's fair in reciprocal trade, that it protects our intellectual property and that it actually has safeguards to make sure that the Chinese follow through with whatever commitments that they make."

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