Ocasio-Cortez on Global Warming: ‘Our Mission Should Be to Save Our Freaking Planet’

‘We haven’t figured out all the details yet’ on how to do so


OCASIO-CORTEZ: “You know, this is the thing. It's like, when Kennedy said we’re going to go to the Moon by the end of ten years, people thought that he was crazy. He didn’t have a plan. So many of the technologies that required us to get there weren’t even invented yet, but it was taken seriously enough as a mission. Like we need to think of platform positions as well as our mission. And it should be our mission right now to make sure that all people have healthcare. It should be our mission right now. Our mission should be to make sure that all jobs are paid a dignified living wage and then it -- you know, and it’s like our mission should be to save our freaking planet.” (Cheering and Applause)

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