Oliver Rips Miss America Org: They Do Not Fund Scholarships

‘If you can’t spell the word fund, you’re probably not funding anything’

FALLON: "Yeah. So, we looked at the Miss America thing."
OLIVER: "Yeah Miss America claims to be a great organization in general, which is arguable. But -- "
FALLON: "No, no, it's true, they are. I guess."
OLIVER: "I wouldn't -- I'm more sure they're not." 
FALLON: "Okay very good."
OLIVER: "But they claim to be the largest scholarship fund for women, and so we looked into that, and that turns to be -- that turns out to be a a stretching of the truth."
FALLON: "It is, really. Yeah."
OLIVER: "It's heavily stretched."
FALLON: "You have a screen grab from their website."
OLIVER: "Well that's where this is from their website. As we started looking into this, this is when we thought there might be something up. Their website -- "
FALLON: "You did not mess with this?"
OLIVER: "No, no, this was their website."
FALLON: "Okay."
OLIVER: "And it just says 'We fun scholars.'"
FALLON: "So close."
OLIVER: "So close."
FALLON: "So close."
OLIVER: "So very close."
FALLON: "So close, almost -- "
OLIVER: "That kind of issued a bat signal in our mind of, "Oh, this looks like a [ bleep ] organization."  If you can't spell the word fund, you're probably not funding anything."
FALLON: :Yeah, they left off the "D.""
OLIVER: "They left off the "D."

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