Scarborough Slams Judge TS Ellis in Manafort Sentence: ‘He Sounded Like Somebody from a Trump Rally’

‘From the beginning he was hostile from this case’


SCARBOROUGH: "We’ll talk to people who have practiced in front of federal judges a lot more than I have but, no, I never knew of that happening because the consequences would be so severe, so absolutely severe. But, Danny, I don’t think this judge gave any reason for anyone on Manafort’s team to try to risk their freedom by trying to get to the judge because as David Ignatius said, from the beginning he was hostile to this case. He actually sounded like somebody at the Trump rally from the bench, as David Ignatius noted, saying no collusion when you have actually Robert Mueller still investigating whether there was collusion or not. That’s like calling a game in the fifth inning. I’m not exactly sure what was going through the mind of Judge Ellis at the time, but it was a bizarre statement and he acted in a bizarre way throughout the entire trial."

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