Sol Wisenberg on Media Comparing Michael Cohen and John Dean: John Dean ‘Told the Truth’

‘When John Dean decided to go over to the prosecution team, he told the truth, and he was incredibly well-prepared by his lawyer’


WISENBERG: "Well, here is what I would say about that and Bob Bower made a very important comparison which is Michael Cohen to John Dean. Here is the key difference. When John Dean decided to go over to the prosecution team, he told the truth and he was incredibly well prepared by his lawyer when he testified in front of the Senate, the Ervin Committee, the Senate Watergate committee. This was, I have to say, a failure in preparation by his lawyer and I don’t care whether his lawyer is pro bono or not. You would shed your client and you would say look, you’re going out there to tell the truth about everything, the good and the bad, and to just take one example, when he was saying repeatedly that he never defrauded a bank, which is completely inconsistent to the facts he admitted to in the Southern District of New York, his attorney should have asked for a recess and say you can’t say that, here is what your plea papers say, and here is the crazy thing about it. Cohen, the stuff they caught him not telling the truth about is all really tangential stuff, it's not even stuff that's important. For God's sake, admit that you wanted a job. Admit that you defrauded a bank, you already plead guilty to those facts. But the key stuff he testified to has already been corroborated by his plea in the Southern District of New York. I can guarantee you he didn’t say anything about the hush money payments that he hadn't said to the prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, and they did believe him. So I think it was a very unfortunate preparation of this witness by his lawyer."

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