RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: ‘Anti-Israel is Code for Anti-Semitism’

‘And that, I think, is frightening for our country and let’s be very clear: anti-Israel is code for anti-Semitism and that is what Ilhan Omar has been pushing’


MCDANIEL: "I think it’s shameful that Democrats cannot condemn congresswoman Omar for her comments. This isn’t just one isolated incident. This is a pattern of her remarks going back to 2012. The anti-Israel remarks. The anti-Semitism that she continues to push forward. But more concerning to me, Sandra, is the Democrat party, by allowing her to stay on the Foreign Affairs Committee, by refusing to name her in this resolution, is saying this type of mentality, this type of thought process is allowed in our party. It can exist in our party because we refuse to condemn it. And that, I think, is frightening for our country. And let’s be very clear. Anti-Israel is code for anti-Semitism. And that is what Ilhan Omar has been pushing."

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