Disney CEO Bob Iger Confronted on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel and Joy Behar Using Blackface

‘Are they held to a different standard than politicians and newscasters because they are comedians?’


DANHOF: “However, two premiere ABC hosts have their own sordid past with blackface. While on another network, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel donned blackface to mock a former professional athlete using what many would consider a racist minstrel dialect. Furthermore, The View host Joy Behar recently had a photo emerged in which she was donning blackface as well at a party. Mr. Iger, with all of the pride that’s quite clear to everyone in this room that the diversity that you place on Disney, the diversity of the characters in your films, the pride that you have when you talk about like Black Panther, both at this meeting and on media interviews, I find it puzzling that the company seems okay with Kimmel and Behar’s past racist actions and behaviors. Can you comment to us on their use of blackface, and are they simply held to a different standard than politicians and newscasters because they’re comedians?"

(h/t Mediaite)

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