Malkin: Nancy Pelosi ‘Fears the Radical Left and the Fringe Has Become the Center’ of the Dem Party

‘Just a couple of weeks ago, before Ilhan Omar made even worse anti-semitic comments, Nancy Pelosi was condemning her’


EARHARDT: Michelle talk about Ilhan Omar, the freshman congresswoman. There was a House resolution that was meant to present anti-Semitism after some of the comments that she made. It looks like now Nancy Pelosi is bowing now to the radicalized. They are all changing their tunes. She is saying that it was not intentionally anti-Semitic. And then she says this: 'I don’t think this is just about comments by Congresswoman Omar, which I do think were intentional — which I do not think were intentionally anti-Semitic.' Why the change of tune? They were condemning her at first and now they are putting new language in this resolution that might not -- might not even pass."
MALKIN: "Yeah, Nancy Pelosi fears the radical left and the fringe has become the center of the Democrat Party. This is proof of it. Just a couple of weeks ago, before Ilhan Omar made even worse anti-Semitic comments, Nancy Pelosi was condemning her, right? She said we should not be engaging in disseminating anti-Semitic tropes. That’s an exact quote. And so what did Ilhan Omar do? She put even more of those tropes out there and now Nancy Pelosi’s argument is that this a inadvertent anti-Semitism? Inadvertent hate? Can you imagine if Republicans made this argument that oopsy that it was accidental racism and anti-Semitism? It’s flabbergasting."

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