Scarborough: Trump’s ‘Not Just Doing Worse Than Barack Obama, He’s Doing Worse Than Every American President’

‘He’s actually screwing up a border situation that Barack Obama’s Administration improved’


SCARBOROUGH: “You could talk about immigration and his anti-immigrant zeal, how much it has to sting Donald Trump this morning realizing that Barack Obama fixed the problem he inherited from George W. Bush and for eight years illegal border crossings went down. Barack Obama made the situation better every single year. And now this year, of course, because of Donald Trump’s policies and perhaps maybe even the panic that it's caused, we're at a 12-year spike. You also talk about trade, and we've commented here time and time again, he's been a protectionist his entire life, economists have said he's out of his mind, that it's voodoo economics. Yet here we have the largest trade deficit, Trump's trade deficit is the largest in American history, just like the federal debt. He promised to balance the budget. No, it’s exploded to record levels. We also have the largest federal overall debt in American history. He’s not just doing worse than Barack Obama, he’s doing worse than every American president and he’s actually screwing up a border situation that Barack Obama’s Administration improved markedly and they did so while being humanitarian about it."

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