DNC Chair on Dems Refusing to Debate on FNC: It’s Not Chris Wallace, It’s the ‘People Above’ Him

‘My concern is not about Chris Wallace; it’s about people above Chris Wallace’


PEREZ: “Well, there were two north star, as we have been preparing for this debate. Number one, I want to make sure as many people as possible see our candidates. Because I believe that our views, our vision demand the respect of the majority of the American people, including people who watch Fox News. People, Republicans, Democrats, independents have pre-existing conditions and believe that they ought to be able to keep their health care, including people who watch Fox News. So we reached out to all of the media outlets, including fox News as we were preparing for these debates. Our second north star principles in this these debates is to make sure that whichever network runs them ensures that our candidates are treated fairly. Now, you had the video before of Chris Wallace. I have great respect for Chris Wallace, and my concern is not about Chris Wallace. It’s about people above Chris Wallace. Because what we have seen now, and it’s been really most recently now in the New Yorker story, is that at the highest levels of Fox News, they’re not playing it straight. And again, this isn’t about Chris Wallace. I have respect for him. But I do not have the confidence that we need to take such an important part of the nomination process, these debates, and trust them to folks who, at the top levels, are consulting Donald Trump before they do anything. I couldn’t do that.”

(Via Mediaite)

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