MSNBC: Q Poll Shows 64 Percent of American Believe Trump Committed Crimes Before Becoming President

‘Only 24% say he did not’


GEIST: “When asked by the Quinnipiac University poll did President Trump commit crimes before becoming president, 64 percent of voters say yes, the President did, only 24 percent say he did not. On whether Trump committed crimes after becoming president, 45 percent say yes, 43 percent say no. In the poll taken from Friday through Monday, voters say they are more likely to believe the President’s former lawyer Michael Cohen at 50 percent versus 35 percent who believe Trump in their back and forth. And 58 percent believe Congress should do more to investigate Cohen’s claims about President Trump’s unethical and illegal behavior. 35 percent disagree. But nearly six in ten voters, 59 percent, are against Congress beginning impeachment proceedings against the President."

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