Fmr. Hillary Fundraiser: Clinton Insiders Afraid of Elizabeth Warren and the ‘Obama Faction’

‘If the election was held today, he said that our lady friend from Massachusetts would beat Hillary’

LIU: "Back with John for some final thoughts. John, I was just thinking when you mentioned Hillary. Hillary Clinton is a woman. She could be our first woman president. Doesn't necessarily mean she will get all the women vote, right, because it's so complicated here. But what do you think is her economic message going to be in order to grab the middle? What's it gonna be?"
CATSIMATIDIS: "I think first, she has to win the Democratic primary. One of my staff members from Iowa called his friend in Iowa who's the Democratic chairman of Iowa. And if the election was held today he said that the our lady friend from Massachusetts will beat Hillary--"
LIU: "Elizabeth Warren."
CATSIMATIDIS: "Elizabeth Warren."
LIU: "Really?"
CATSIMATIDIS: "Is that scary? So what we need --"
LIU: "So that's the Obama faction that you are talking about?"
CATSIMATIDIS: "That's the Obama faction."


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