Report: Despite Tax Evasion, Al Sharpton Has Visited the White House 82 Times

‘Sharpton basically has the key to the White House ... he’s sort of like a shadow cabinet member’

"Sharpton basically has the key to the White House because Barack Obama trusts him as the number one race issue fellow on the street. He's the administration's field person. He's sort of like a shadow cabinet member ...

He lost hundred fifty in his autobiography so he says. Anyway, the Reverend Al calls himself a refined agitator. He'll tell you he hasn't changed a bit in terms of his mission, his goals, his way of relating to the issues. But he's an inside man and while he looks less dangerous he's actually in fact more dangerous because of that access ...

The Reverend Al has owed roughly somewhere between two and four million dollars in combined federal and state taxes, personally and through his various organizations, over five to ten, maybe fifteen years. The books are such a mess, nobody even knows what he owes. But the fact is he's led a charmed life."


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