Scarborough Blasts CPAC for Applauding the Death of John McCain: I Hope You Feel ‘Ashamed’

‘I can support Donald Trump without being hateful’

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SCARBOROUGH: “If you can imagine that these people who obviously — again, I don’t know if they weren’t raised right, I don’t know if their mothers and fathers never taught them basic values, I’m sure they did and I’m sure they just lost it along the way, maybe they were just swept up in the excitement of actually being somewhere, I don’t know, but when you applaud the death of an American war hero, a man who was imprisoned and beaten so badly that he couldn’t even raise his arms over his head for the rest of his life, a man who was allowed to go free early but refused to, said he wasn’t going to walk out until his band of brothers walked out with him, who wasn’t going to get ahead of anybody else who had been in the Hanoi Hilton, when you applaud the death of that man at CPAC when actually very little separates you and that man they were mocking who recently died — by the way, whose wife and whose children suffered with him and watched him suffering and battling cancer and slowly dying, to see now that his death was something that Matt Schlapp and CPAC would applaud, something that Matt Schlapp and CPAC would think was a great thing to be excited about, something that not only Matt Schlapp but also Republicans who spoke at that event who were John McCain’s co-workers in the Senate for years. The fact that Donald Trump has caused this in the Republican Party, that he’s caused this in American politics actually I think is probably going to be his worst legacy of many, many terrible legacies. But those people that stood up and applauded for John McCain’s death, let me just say to you, you may not be bad people but you sure as hell gave a good impression of what a bad person looks like. And I mean this, and I do mean this with all the love in my heart, understanding that we all make mistakes and all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, I really do hope this Monday morning when you wake up you think about that moment and you feel a little ashamed and you tell yourself, 'I’ve got to do better next time. I can support Donald Trump without being hateful. I can support Donald Trump and still not devalue the worth of human beings that don’t look exactly like me, who don’t think exactly like me, who don’t worship exactly like me.' It’s not too much to ask. Just think about it. That's all I'm saying. Just think about it this morning.”

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