Debbie Dingell: Impeachment Should Not Be a Partisan Event; We Need Both Dems and Republicans

‘ — or it will tear this country apart’


DINGELL: “I think that we’re waiting for the facts. I’ve always said that. And I do not think an impeachment should ever be a partisan event. I think we need to have Republicans and Democrats or it will tear this country apart. It’s a very serious movement. But that’s why oversight’s a legitimate function. This investigation is a legitimate function. You know, one of the things that I thought about as everybody started talking about, why do we need to know about Russia or why do — you know, during this government shutdown, I met with TSA, FBI, Custom and Border Patrol, Secret Service, and all of them were scared to death that their credit rating could be impacted and they could lose their job. And why would they lose their job? Because people think that they might be subject to some kind of blackmail.”

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