Joe Concha: ‘Michael Cohen Says What Suits Michael Cohen at the Time’


JENKINS: "What do you say?"
CONCHA: "I say look at the numbers, Griff, a poll was released yesterday showing that only 37% of Americans found Cohen’s testimony credible. We are in polarized environment. It’s hard to get to that sort of number. Usually things always around 50% pause people want to believe anything anti-Trump that are against anti-Trump and that’s half the country. To say gets to only 37% finding him credible that tells me something. Also, remember, now there is news out that Cohen was pushing a pro-Trump book. You just did a great split screen sound bite there showing what he said in the past comparing to what he said on Wednesday. It just shows that Michael Cohen says what suits Michael Cohen at the time. If you are Democrats right now, that’s not the horse you want to ride. You don’t want him to be your first impeachment, first witness if impeachment is your goal."

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