Nancy Pelosi to Trump: ‘Do the Country a Favor, Don’t Run’

‘Mr. President, do the country a favor, don’t run’

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HAYES: "If I were talking to President Trump, I would remind him that you are my President, as well, and I recognize the weight of the office, so it’s not about a person, it’s not about a position, it’s about the office of the president, and the responsibility that goes along with that office."
OMAR: "The people of the United States are looking for a leader that unites and you have the opportunity to step up into that leadership position."
OCASIO-CORTEZ: "If I had to say something to Trump, I probably wouldn’t say anything, because I don’t think that it’s worth the extra attention."
PELOSI: "Mr. President, do the country a favor, don’t run."

(h/t RealClearPolitics)

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