CNN’s Brooke Baldwin to Rep. Sarbanes: Should Trump Be Prosecuted for Bank Fraud?

‘We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here’


BALDWIN: "So, I jotted down potential and disputable crimes, the testimony in which he lied and the conversations he may have had ahead of time on that and the hush money, but what I didn’t hear you mention is the inflating or deflating of his money. So in your view, if that is corroborated, should President Trump be prosecuted for bank fraud?"

SARBANES: "Those potential instances or issues of fraud or other ones that we’ll look at. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here. I want to say again, it’s only just now because we have the oversight capacity and authority in the Congress to really do this job well that we can get moving on these various lines of inquiry, so we need to do this in a very deliberate and steady way so that wherever it takes us we have confidence that we’ve arrived in the right place in terms of what the remedy should be."

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