Gingrich on Kim Jong Un Speaking to the Press: He Is Coming out of His Shell and Normalizing Himself

‘He is now trying to interact with Trump in a way that makes him more normal’


GINGRICH: “Look, I think everybody watching tonight, if you see Kim Jong-un answering questions off-the-cuff to the news media, you are seeing a historic change that every person in North Korea is going to pick up on. I mean, it is an enormous moment because he is coming out of the shell of total control into a world where he is now trying to interact with Trump in a way that makes him more normal. There is a real piece of this of trying to become normal, and I think he is a young guy still, he was educated in Switzerland, and actually has a much better sense of the larger world of the neither his father or his grandfather, and I also think he understands that they are at the end of the road. I think the most important thing with the Chinese was that when he was in Amara Lago was the night we used missiles against Syria.”

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