Bret Baier Confronts Jim Jordan: Forget Cohen’s Credibility, ‘What About the Substance’ of Trump’s Actions?

‘I understand all of the things about undermining his veracity’


BAIER: "But what about the specifics? I understand all of your points about credibility. I understand all of the things about undermining his veracity. He is a flawed, flawed witness. But what about the substance? I mean, the President writing a check to him while president for these payments, these 11 payments, that he says were to pay off Stormy Daniels, and the other woman — "

JORDAN: "Bret — "

BAIER: "Is that not true?"

JORDAN: "Bret, Michael Cohen said he was the personal lawyer for the President. There was a retainer arrangement where he was paid these installments, these payments over the course of the time he was the personal lawyer for the President and the Trump Organization. I don't think that's unusual. My guess is there's all kinds of companies, all kinds of individuals who have a similar type of relationship. That's what was brought out today. And again, where was the new news? There wasn't any new news here. And if there was any new evidence, no prosecutor would allow it to be heard today in an open hearing like this in Congress."

(Via Mediaite)

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