Alan Dershowitz on Cohen Hearing: ‘This Is Not a Good Day for the President’

‘This is not a good day for the president, clearly, to have his lawyer and intimate disclose so many things about him that don’t belong in the public domain’


DERSHOWITZ: "Well, first of all, I'm not an ally of the President. I voted against him, against most of his policies. I'm an ally of the Constitution. What struck me most is how much lawyer-client privilege information was revealed in this testimony. I was shocked that the President's lawyers weren't there actively objecting to disclosures made about conversations between the President and his lawyers. Even if information provides provides proof of crimes, that's not an exception. The exception to the lawyer-client privilege is only there for the conversation itself. If it provides evidence of a crime later, that's within the lawyer-client privilege.  That was surprising to me, I just don't understand it. Maybe the President's feeling is let it all hang out, his credibility doesn't seem very strong, there won't be a lot of evidence of collusion. But look, I agree with the previous person that President's big problems are in the Southern District of New York and other U.S. attorney's offices. I do think the Mueller report will give a roadmap for further investigation and will not contain any smoking gun as a proof of unlawful collusion. But this was not a good day for the President, clearly, to have his lawyer disclose so many things about him that don't belong in the public domain. And it really does raise questions about how powerful the lawyer-client privilege is."

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