Schieffer: Jordan Forceful in Response to ISIS, Obama ‘Goes off to Calif. Fundraiser’

‘Here you saw the king put on his fatigues, he executes two prisoners ... he launches bombing raids’

Bob Schieffer: Jordan Forceful in Response to IS and Obama ‘Goes Off to California Fundraiser’ (The Washington Free Beacon)

President Obama’s failure to consider the optics of his actions after an Islamic State execution of a U.S. citizen has become a point of criticism again.

Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer expressed his displeasure with the president for not appearing to show strength after the Islamic State execution of Kayla Muellar. Schieffer grieved that just hours after another American hostage was confirmed killed under the captivity of the Islamic State, the president shot a lighthearted video with BuzzFeed then headed out west for a fundraiser charging $10,000 per plate.

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