Przybyla: Dems Are Going to Investigate Whether the Trump Companies Are Shells Used for Money Laundering

‘Democrats want a lot more and they want to delve deep into this issue of money laundering’


PRZYBYLA: “But beyond that, based on my reporting, Democrats want a lot more and they want to delve deep into this issue of money laundering, not just with Russia but with other potential foreign countries. I’m told, for instance, there was a story that maybe didn’t get a lot of attention last year in February about a Trump Tower in Panama where the South Americans were essentially trying to kick out Trump business officials. They saw them going into a room with documents and they heard a shredder going. Why is that important? Because Democrats, Willie, are going to dig into this whole notion how the Trump Organization operates with these shell companies which are supposed to be investment, and which a lot of these individuals and these foreign countries think are going to be investment but actually turn out to be shell companies potentially used for money laundering. So it will go deep into Russia even though the chairman said that is going to be off-limits. The individual members have their own agendas here, Willie, and it will be up to Cohen and his lawyers how far he goes."

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