Tim Kaine: Trump ‘Could Blunder Us into an Unnecessary War in Iran That would Be a Huge Mistake’

‘That could be a huge mistake’


KAINE: "Well, Andrea, I’m really worried about this. The President is saying all kinds of nice things about Kim Jong-un and trying to do diplomacy there, when they took a kid who was a university of Virginia student, Otto Warmbier, and brutalized and killed him. But they are talking about Iran on the other end, the Administration has backed out of a nuclear deal that was working, that allies, our military leaders, and the international agency said was working, backed out of a deal, they used bellicose rhetoric about Iran all the time, and then last week, for me, sort of a last straw, a story broke in The Washington Times, that the Administration is trying to figure out how they could wage war against Iran without coming to Congress. Is there a way they could claim the 2001 authorization gives them the ability to go to war against Iran, again, without coming to Congress. They don’t want to have to do what the Constitution requires them to do and seek congressional approval before initiating war. So this really worries me. And the President, while he's in Vietnam, I don’t want people to lose sight of the fact that he could blunder us into an unnecessary war in Iran that would be a huge mistake."

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