Chuck Schumer: ‘Members of Both Parties Know There Is No Actual Emergency at the Border’

‘Members of both parties should be concerned about the president diverting money away from military construction projects in their districts’


SCHUMER: "Now, Madam President, today the House of Representatives will take up a motion to terminate the state of emergency proclaimed by President Trump. For many reasons, the measure should pass with bipartisan support. First, members of both parties know there is no actual emergency at the border. Nearly 60 former national security advisors, Democrat and Republican, bipartisan, including former secretaries of state and defense, have written a statement saying there is, quote, no factual evidence of an emergency at the border. The President himself said when announcing the state of emergency that, quote, he didn’t need to do this, unquote. An emergency by definition is something you need to do. It’s an emergency. In the President’s own words, this is not a state of emergency. And if we let presidents, whomever they be, Democrat or Republican, willy-nilly, because they want to get something done, just declare an emergency when it’s clear it’s been a long-term condition, long-term issue — this country is a different country.” 

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