Scarborough: Illegal Border Crossings Are at a Fifty Year Low

‘Native-born Americans commit far more crimes than immigrants’


SCARBOROUGH: "Mika, the problem is in this case — again, we've said it all the time — Donald Trump declares a national emergency because of illegal border crossings, they’re at a 50-year low. Donald Trump declares a national emergency because of illegal immigrants committing crime. Get what? Native-born Americans commit far more crimes, according to Donald Trump's own government statistic, than do immigrants, be they legal or illegal. You could say the same thing about gang members, .003 percent of people crossing actually are members of these gangs. You can talk about drugs. 9 percent of the drugs come through legal ports of entry. Our biggest challenge right now is getting China to slow down their shipment of fentanyl to the United States America. This is not a crisis by historical standards, but a Democrat that comes in over the next couple of years can look at school shootings and show statistics and prove that is a national emergency, can quote scientific data from NASA and other government agencies proving that is an emergency, that is a danger and they will actually be even more empowered to ignore Congress unfortunately, because of what Republicans may do this week. It's dangerous."

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