Mika: The President’s Former Fixer Is Going To Testify that Trump Engaged in Criminal Conduct While in Office

‘The president’s former fixer is going to testify that trump engaged in criminal conduct while in office’


BRZEZINSKI: “We’ll get to the three days of Michael Cohen testimony in just a moment, what we can expect what’s going to happen. The President’s former fixer is going to testify that Trump engaged in criminal conduct while in office. That’s what we’re hearing is being reported. Plus the new concerns that the Justice Department could keep hidden much of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings —"
SCARBOROUGH: "Boy, that was really surprising yesterday when Rod Rosenstein went out and said, 'Well, maybe transparency is not such a great idea. You immediately got a response from Adam Schiff and the Democrats. Expect the Democratic Congress to start working to force the new Attorney General’s hand if in fact Rod Rosenstein went out yesterday to do the bidding of Bob Barr because hiding the Mueller report from Congress and the American people, that’s just not an option."
BRZEZINSKI: "Well, they do have the subpoena power. So we'll look into what's possible."

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