Dershowitz: President Trump’s Greatest Vulnerability Lies Not with the Mueller Report, But with the SDNY and with the New York AG

‘The Mueller report may be just a road map given to Congress and given to other prosecutors’


DERSHOWITZ: “If his information is not released to the public and it then goes to Congress to conduct the investigation, I think there will be a question of credibility. Look. I think and I have said from day one that President Trump’s greatest vulnerability lies not with the Mueller report, but with the southern district of New York and with the New York attorney general’s office, and with other prosecutorial arms that can look into conduct unrelated to collusion to Russia, but conduct preceding his presidency and that’s where problems can come up in the future. This may be just the beginning. The Mueller report may be just a road map given to Congress and given to other prosecutors that will continue these investigations until the end of President Trump.”

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