DNC Chair Likens Trump To Putin, Kim, Castro: ‘Authoritarian Socialist Regimes Undermine the Media’

‘You shouldn’t be attacking the press the way this president does. It’s unprecedented’


PEREZ: And I find it very ironic when you hear this president using the word socialist all the time. I mean he — Putin, Kim, Castro, what they all have in common is they were doing so many of the same things. You shouldn’t be attacking the press the way this president does. It’s unprecedented. You shouldn’t be — you shouldn’t be golfing —

WALLACE: I — wait a minute — I got to — I got to interrupt just for a second.

Are you putting the president in the same class with Putin and Kim and Castro?

PEREZ: I’m just saying authoritarian socialist regimes undermine the media. That is wrong. You shouldn’t do that. Period. No footnotes. No exceptions.

Authoritarian socialist regimes have endemic corruption. You should understand that. We — Democrats won in 2018 in no small measure because of the culture of corruption engulfing this administration

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