SE Cupp Rips Dems 2020: If I’m Trump, ‘I’m Feeling Pretty Good About My Chances’

‘This is all good for Trump, guys’


CUPP: “Well, that was California senator Dianne Feinstein getting schooled by children on the green new deal in a now viral video. What’s that the got to do with 2020? You’ll be shocked to learn that an unedited version which in context makes the senator look less loon the villain on Hansel and gretel. In this case they confront the senator, posting her edited and seemingly smug response on social media. This kind of stuff is only going to heat up, as Democrats try to out-left each other and prove their Progressive bona fides. This is a fight for the heart and soul of the democratic Party, but may I remind you it’s also supposed to be a fight for the White House. Just take a look at the headlines. Bernie once praised red lines 40 years ago. Amy klobuchar ate a salad with a comb. He rep raise to become the new litmus test for Democrats. In I’m Donald Trump, I’m feeling pretty good about my chances. As long as the media keeps zeroing in on these dumb plot lines and the Democrats keep talking about things that most Americans don’t prioritize. Trump’s got this one in the bag. That should be worrisome to Democrats. After all, President Trump is at record low approvals, and he’s facing a dozen different investigations, and yet Elizabeth Warren is talking about rep raise? The media is talking about Amy klobuchar’s salad comb? A former prosecutor has to defend her record of prosecuting criminals? This is all good for trump, guys.“

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