Hayes: Killing of Muslims in N.C. a ‘Trayvon Martin’ and ‘Michael Brown Moment’

‘Like the killing of Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown, the senseless deaths of these three young people has struck such a profound nerve’

Chris Hayes: Killing of Three Muslims in N.C. Serves as a ‘Trayvon Martin’ and ‘Michael Brown Moment’ (NewsBusters)

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes took about a minute and a half out of his show All In on Thursday night in between guests to give his thoughts on the recent killing of three Muslim students in North Carolina and, naturally, he brought their minority status into the picture by proclaiming their deaths to be a “galvanizing” “Trayvon Martin moment” and “Michael Brown moment for Muslim-Americans.” In such a short period of time, Hayes was able to perfectly espouse a representative commentary on how the left views race and minorities and omit any mention of reality or observe the awful tragedy as it was.

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