Sanders Boasts About Moving the Democratic Party Further Left

‘So, we’ve come a long way, I think, in transforming the Democratic Party and making it into a more progressive party’


SANDERS: "Well, I think for a couple of reasons, Chris. First of all, I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in 2016, and I’m proud that we changed the political discourse in this country, that ideas that today are widely accepted are part of the mainstream, are being supported by many Democratic candidates. If you will recall, three years ago, these ideas were considered to be radical and extreme and fringe — and fringe ideas. So we’ve come a long way, I think in transforming the Democratic Party and making it into a more progressive party. Second of all, part of the political revolution was to mobilize billions of people at the grassroots level. And what I’m proud of in term of what we’ve accomplished in the last two days. The media talks about the money, that's great. But we now have close to 1 million people who have signed up, who want to be involved in an unprecedented campaign. And why that’s important is that I believe from the bottom of my heart that if you learn from the civil rights movement, from the trade union movement, from the women’s movement, from the gay movement, you know real change in this country never occurs unless millions of people are standing up and fighting back. So if we’re going to pass Medicare for all, we need to mobilize millions of people to stand up to the insurance companies and the drug companies. That’s what this campaign is about."

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