Durbin Laughs About Green New Deal: ‘What in the Heck Is This?’

‘I’ve read it, and I’ve reread it, and I asked [Senator] Ed Markey, “What in the heck is this?”‘


SCARBOROUGH: "Real quickly. Mitch McConnell is going to -- might bringing to a vote on the New Green Deal, the Green New Deal, whatever they call it. I sound like Nancy Pelosi now. How will you vote on that?"
DURBIN: "At this point I would be -- I can’t tell you, to be honest with you. I've read it and I've reread it. And I asked Ed Markey, 'What in the heck is this?'" (Laughter)
SCARBOROUGH: "You sound like Nancy."
DURBIN: "He says, it is an aspiration."
BRZEZINSKI: "OK. Well, that's nice."

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