Boehner: Senate Dems Should ‘Stop Blocking Debate’ on House-Passed Bill To Fund DHS

‘The Senate Democrats don’t like our plan ... I don’t think we need any more lectures [from Obama on filibusters]’

“When it comes to funding the Department of Homeland Security, there's no dispute amongst Republicans. House Republicans and Senate Republicans all agree, and frankly, Senate Democrats should stop blocking debate on the House-passed bill. That’s the thing. The Senate Democrats don't like our plan.

But thanks to Senator McConnell, they can now offer amendments in the Senate, something they weren't able to do in the last Congress. But for Senate Democrats to simply block debate on the bill that funds many of their own priorities is as senseless and undemocratic as it is. The funding for Homeland security lapses Washington Democrats who are going to bear the responsibility.

Earlier this week the president criticized the inappropriate use of a filibuster. Well, I don't think we need any more lectures. What we need to do is pick up -- he needs to pick up the phone and call his own party to tell them to move ahead.”

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