MSNBC’s Ari Melber Confronts Matt Schlapp for Declaring ‘Mueller Will Be Gone Soon’

‘Are you saying Bill Barr may do something that Trump wants to end the probe?’


MELBER: “So I’m asking you, when you say Mueller will be gone soon, are you saying Bill Barr may do something that Trump wants to end the probe, or are you just saying, and I had you here because I want your views, are you just saying there’s no collusion and that’s all he is going to find?”
SCHLAPP: “Take a breath. No one is saying that anyone is going to do anything untoward. We have a special counsel because there’s a charge made of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. If there’s no evidence of that collusion, it would be logical for the special counsel’s probe to come to an end soon. That’s a simple statement. I think you can agree with that statement, that a special counsel that’s impaneled for a particular reason, when they find no reason that they should ever have been impaneled, they might come to an end.”
MELBER: “Let me press you on that. I get your point that it would be logical if that thing, call it election conspiracy, isn’t found, and sooner or later, yes, there will be closing of the probe, there will be a declination and all that, which means you’re not charging. But when you say Mueller gone soon because of Barr, you do understand that got people’s attention because it sounds like you are saying something will change because of Barr. You wouldn’t need to mention Barr if Mueller is done researching.”

(Via Mediaite)

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