Mimi Rocah: The Question Is Not Whether Putin Has Something on Trump, But What He Has

‘And why is Trump so loyal to Putin?’


ROCAH: “That’s right, Nicolle. It strikes me whatever people say about the steps that McCabe and others took at that time, they turned out to be right in their assessment that this President’s loyalties seemed divided and still do. This is something we talk about on your show and other shows every day, not does Putin have something over him but what does Putin have on him? And why is Trump so loyal to Putin as opposed to seemingly his own people in his own country. Now, you can label that whatever you want. There may be crimes that are chargeable, there may not. But there really can be no question from a rational observer that Trump is very loyal to and beholden to Putin. And McCabe and others saw that early on, before many of us really fully grasped what was going on. And the obstruction part, you know, again was happening in plain sight. But for a lot of people, it took a while for us to understand the magnitude of it and what it really could mean. It wasn’t until recently that we started talking about it in the terms you just talked about it with Jeremy, in other words, that it was possibly part of a conspiracy or an act on behalf of the Russians and not some separate obstruction. And remember, there had also been all of this activity during the campaign that they were taking into account. Including Trump himself calling out to the Russians and the Trump Tower meeting. There was just so much on the plate already, and I think it’s striking really how early on McCabe and others saw that there was a real issue here and this wasn’t just about politics.”

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