Larry Elder on Dems, Media Blaming Trump for Smollett: They ‘Love a White Defendant … that They Can Accuse of Racism’

‘It fit the script which is why they ran with the narrative’


ELDER: “Well, because this -- this is really what happened at the intersection of what I call Trump derangement syndrome and what Tom Wolfe, the novelist, used to call the incessant search for the great white defendant. The media loves a white defendant, especially somebody privileged that they can accuse of racism. Of course, Trump derangement syndrome means Donald Trump is a racist, his supporters are racist and therefore, they are going to go after people like -- like -- like Jussie Smollett who's gay and who's black and who's an anti-Trump guy. It fit the script which is why they ran with the narrative. But the good news is it didn’t happen. Isn’t that good news? Shouldn’t we be happy about that? Why are we angry that two white guys did not beat up a gay guy because he was a gay and because he was a black person? And -- and it also shows us that the inbox of grievances has got to be getting pretty low when you have to make up things that are racist and that are homophobic in America. We are probably in a pretty good place when you can’t come up actual instance in which somebody has been attacked because of racism or because they're gay. So, they are manufacturing. And I think that puts us in a pretty good place.” 

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