Vox’s Liz Plank Claims Media Never Reported Smollett ‘Attackers’ Yelled ‘This Is MAGA Country’

‘The people who were repeating that quote were not news outlets, media outlets’


STELTER: "--heard the quote, from a quote close to Justin. Immediately there were political steaks to the story. Do you think that distorted it?"
PLANK: "Right. The quote, I remember reading about the story and looking for a real reputable media outlet reporting on that. I could not find one. The people who were repeating that quote were not news outlets, media outlets. It was repeated by people who maybe had good intentions of wanting to spread the story. We can’t confuse celebrity tweets with the media and the press."
STELTER: "So you’re saying actors and activists who were rushing to his side because they were friends with him and they support him are not the same as Chicago reporters who are trying to find out what happened?"
PLANK: "Exactly. It is different. And we don’t know what happened, but we know that racism is alive"

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