Chris Wallace on Trump Declaring Emergency: Maybe He Thinks He Can Tell Base ‘I Did Everything I Could’

‘I think he also felt some political heat’


WALLACE: “Well, there’s been reporting. The reporting was that he was taking — first of all, he wasn’t happy with it, when he saw all the handcuffs in the bill that Congress did pass. There’s 300 times in the bill because they were concerned the president would take money for project a and then apply it to the wall, that it said no funds here can be used for the border wall. So he was upset about that. He was upset about the constraints on it. I think he also felt some political heat. Look, I’m going to get a lot of heat for signing this congressional bill. If I declare a national emergency, it’s a bold statement that I one, believe in this issue and a statement, I promised this in the campaign and I’m keeping faith with you on it. You could say as a cynic, even if the does get delayed by the courts, if they get an injunction out west, I can go to my base and say I did everything I could. I got that money, repurposed money and declared a national emergency. All I can do is fight as best I can Congress and the courts.”

(Via Mediaite)

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