CNN: W.H. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Interviewed by Mueller

‘New exclusive CNN reporting that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has now been interviewed by Robert Mueller’


BROWN: "Well, we do have a sense of the timing and that was sometime late summer, early fall. But Sarah Sanders issued a statement, a rare statement exclusively to CNN confirming that she was interviewed by the Special Counsel’s team, Robert Mueller’s team. Here’s what she said in the interview to CNN. She said 'the President urged me, like he has everyone in the Administration, to fully cooperate with the Special Counsel. I was happy to voluntarily sit down with him.' This is what we know. This interview is one of the final known interviews by Mueller’s team with White House officials, and it came around the same time as the Special Counsel’s interview with former White House chief of staff John Kelly, well after a number of other senior officials, including former White House communications director Hope Hicks, and former press secretary Sean Spicer, were brought in for questioning. It’s unclear why this was so late. We’re told the White House did not immediately agree to grant the Special Counsel interview with Sanders, according to one of the sources I spoke with. Similarly, as CNN reported back in December, White House lawyers initially objected to Mueller’s request to interview John Kelly, former chief of staff, who ultimately responded to a narrow set of questions from Special Counsel investigators. While we don’t know the substance of the interview with Sanders, one likely area of interest was how she was — she composed statements that she made on the podium, defending the President regarding the Russia investigation.”

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