Trump: I Hardly Know Ann Coulter; Hannity, Rush Limbaugh ‘Don’t Decide Policy’

‘Rush Limbaugh, I think he’s a great guy’


TRUMP: "Look, Sean Hannity has been a terrific, terrific supporter of what I do. Not of me. If I change my views, he wouldn’t be with me. Rush Limbaugh, I think he’s a great guy. He could speak for three hours without a phone call. Try doing that sometimes. For three hours he speaks. He’s got one of the biggest audiences in the history of the world. This guy is unbelievable. Try speaking for three hours without taking calls. Taking calls is easy. Okay, I’ll answer this one, I'll answer that one. He goes for three hours and he’s got an audience that’s fantastic. They don’t decide policy. In fact, if I went opposite — Ann Coulter, I don’t know her. I hardly know her. I haven’t spoken to her in way over a year. But the press loves saying Ann Coulter. Probably if I did speak to her she would be very nice. I just don’t have the time to speak to her. I would speak to her. I have nothing against her. In fact, I like her for one reason. When they asked her, like, right at the beginning, who is going to win the election, she said Donald Trump. And the two people that asked her that question smiled. They said, 'You’re kidding, aren’t you?' 'Nope. Donald Trump.' So I like her. But she’s off the reservation, but anybody that knows her understands that.”

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