Trump: Chuck and Nancy Are Playing ‘a Big Con Game,’ They Know that Walls Work

‘It’s all a big lie’


TRUMP: "And a big majority of the big drugs, the big drug loads don’t go through ports of entry, they can’t go through ports of entry. You can’t take big loads because you have some very capable people, the Border Patrol, law enforcement looking. You can’t take human traffic, women and girls, you can’t take them through ports of entry. You can’t have them tied up in the backseat of a car or a truck or a van. They open the door, they look. They can’t see three women with tape on their mouth or three women whose hands are tied. They go through areas where you have no wall. Everybody knows that. Nancy knows it. Chuck knows it. They all know it. It’s all a big lie. It’s a big con game. You don’t have to be very smart to know. You put up a barrier, the people come in, and that’s it. They can’t do anything unless they walk left or right and they find an area where there’s no barrier and they come into the United States.” 

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