Trump: Democrats Say Walls Don’t Work, Walls Work 100 Percent

‘Everyone knows that walls work’


TRUMP: "But one of the things I said I have to do and I want to do is border security because we have tremendous amounts of drugs flowing into our country. Much of it coming from the southern border. When you look and when you listen to politicians, in particular certain Democrats, they say it all comes through the port of entry. It’s wrong. It’s wrong. It’s just a lie. It’s all a lie. They say walls don’t work. Walls work 100 percent. Whether it’s El Paso — I really was smiling because the other night I was in El Paso. We had a tremendous crowd and — tremendous crowd. And I asked the people, many of whom were from El Paso but they came from all over Texas, and I asked them, 'Let me ask you as a crowd, when the wall went up, was it better?' You were there, some of you. It was not only better, it was like 100 percent better. You know what they did. But that’s only one example. There are so many examples. In El Paso, they have close to 2,000 murders right on the other side of the wall. And they had 23 murders. That’s a lot of murders, but it’s not close to 2,000 murders.“

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