Stephens: I’d Like to See What Hannity Says When Kamala Harris Calls for National Emergency over Climate Change

‘I’d love to see what Sean Hannity has to say about that’


STEPHENS: “We do not believe as conservatives that too much power ought to be concentrated in the hands of one office holder — particularly because sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. The powers that Trump appropriates for himself now and that Republicans like Mitch McConnell willingly grant him are powers that future Democratic presidents are certainly going to seize using this as a precedent. And real conservatives already rue the day, but these up in faux conservatives are going to rue that day when they handed over so much power to an executive to act when he or she pleases. When Elizabeth Warren starts seizing banks or Kamala Harris declares a national emergency over climate change, I’d love to see what Sean Hannity has to say it."

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