Dave Cullen on Gun Control Post-Parkland: ‘We Haven’t Done Jack Sh*t’

‘It’s not like we have failed, we have not even really tried’


CULLEN: “They are. I think we all, the audience, also view them a little differently. It's not just that they escaped guns, they are the picture of future targets. When we see Barack Obama or any politician on TV talking about it, or even a parent, when we see a parent, the initial reaction is grief and feeling sadness fro that person, we don’t feel fear. We see the picture of other kids who are going to die and we see the fear and the shame, I think. I think David touched that nerve, it has been now 20 years and we have not done jack shit. It’s not like we have failed, we have not even really tried and it’s like how — the truth hurts. And I think everyone in America, including gun owners, are like, you know, I think of that Sting song, if the Russians love their children, too. Gun owners love their children, too. Our friend Elise Jordan was down in Mississippi, a month after, doing focus groups with a Trump-only group. She said everybody at the table owned guns and most of them had collections of guns, and everybody there was saying something, they were skeptical of these kids, they were skeptical of any particular gun rights thing, because they if they give an inch, they'll take everything. But they were ready for something and they were saying like yeah, something, and I  that's why I think the NRA totally missed their audience and over sold it. Their own people are saying, we are ready to come to the table and do something. We don’t know what, but that is really the conversation that has not happened. How do you have that trust and say actually we do both want something, neither of us trust each other.”

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